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Why Choose Us?


Customized Staffing Solutions

Our operations team maintains good relationship with existing customers and solicit new business through tenders and incoming enquiries. We aim to source and employ suitable candidates who match the job requirements and deploy them to our customer's premise to support their operations. We will follow-up with our customers on their satisfaction level of our services. If any of the staff or freelance contractor fail to meet our customer's requirements, we would replace him/her with another staff or freelance contractor.


Training and Development

Prior to deployment, the selected candidates will undergo training courses to enhance their skills and knowledge. These trainng courses are conducted in-house by our qualified trainers who have extensive experience in the hospitality industry.

Just-In-Time Event Management Service (JEMS)

Our competitive edge lies in our aptitude to deploy large numbers of service associates and sales associates to meet your manpower needs within a short time frame. By leveraging on our own manpower database system, business network, together with advertisements, we have the ability to source candidates with the requisite credentials to meet our customers' needs across sectors. 


Wide Range Database

We have a large pool of candidates which allow us to source and identify qualified and suitable candidates for our customers in a timely manner so as to streamline their human resources management processes. 


Customer Satisfaction

We adopted a policy of maintaining good working relationship with a group of reliable staff but also focus on customer relationship management. In the event if our clients are not satisfied with the worker’s performance, we will undertake service recovery and replace the worker. We also address our customer feedback promptly to ensure that our staff can meet our customer service contract obligations.