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Our Services

Deployment of Full-time Staff
We have built a good reputation in rpoviding manpower outsourcing services, specializing in deploying of full-time qualified staff to our customers, particularly in the hospitality industry. Our dedicated team of professionals with the experiences and knowledge of the industry, would identify and select the most suitable candidates at all levels for our customers’ businesses. We aim to match our customers’ requirementss with the best candidates, with minimum fuss within short notice and with maximum results.

Deployment of Part-time Staff or Freelance Contractors
Should our customers require any part-time staff or freelance contractors, be it for special projects, peak periods, or covering the work of employees on extended leave, we have a pool of staff who possess the highest level of knowledge, skills, experience and attitude to meet our customers’ needs. These part-time staff and freelance contractors can be employed under our group of companies, but will perform services at our customer's appointed workplace, under their supervision and control.

Use First, Decide Later
Our customers are given the opportunity to assess the skills and knowledge of the candidates by engaging them on a temporary basis before signing a formal contract with the most suitable candidates. This will serve to eliminate possible misunderstandings or mismatches between our clients and staff, thus ensuring the best job fit possible.

You Pay, We Employ
We can arrange to employ staff under our payroll and then deploy them according to the manpower needs of our customers. By doing so, our clients can free themselves of worries about compensation and benefits such as managing payroll, CPF contribution, Workmen’s Compensation/Insurance, Skills Development Levy, unpaid leave, annual increments, promotions and bonuses.

Any Other Types of Deployment 
Over the years, we have gained invaluable experience in providing cost-effective solutions that cater to all types of workforce deployment needs. We will take care of all the tedious and time-consuming processes so that our clients can concentrate on their core competencies, resulting in significant cost savings.